Precisely what is Valentine’s Day?

What is Valentine’s Day?

In many countries, people celebrate Valentine’s by mailing cards and gifts to their romantic lovers or friends. They may also arrange for a romantic dinner or a weekend aside together.

Precisely what is the origin of Valentine’s Day?

Though no one realizes for sure, really thought that Valentine’s Day is based on a festival in Rome called Lupercalia. From this Roman celebration, men slain a goat and a dog and next whipped women of all ages with their skins. The sacrificial practices had been thought to bring good luck in love and matrimony.

What are the traditional gifts on Valentine’s Day?

Gifts consist of candy, blooms, lingerie, charms and champagne. Heart-shaped box of sweets are a common Valentine’s Day present.

Who is the Saint that inspired Valentine’s?

There are several stories about who’s behind the break. A variety of them say that a Christian clergyman named Valentines was martyred on Feb . 14th. Different stories say this individual fell in love with his jailer’s little girl and sent her a standard of passion, which she sent to him just before he died.

How did we get to the rosy-cheeked Valentine’s Day that many of us know and love today?

The primary written interconnection between love and Valentine’s Day comes from the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in his 14th-century poem “The Parlement of Foules. ” He was probably just using the idea so that you can make his lines vocally mimic eachother.

The vacation of Valentine’s Day is now aplauded by sending note cards and gift ideas to family and friends, and it may be a significant commercial event. The United States alone acquires 144 mil Valentine’s Day credit cards each year!