• How is Carrageenan Made?

    How is Carrageenan Made?

    More than 60,000 metric tons of carrageenan are produced each year with this rudimentary recipe you could follow in your own kitchen – no mysteries, no misnomers, and no blarney. Find out how it's made here.Click Here

  • Sustainable Ocean Farming

    Sustainable Ocean Farming

    Seaweed farming provides the primary economic base for thousands of coastal communities and family-owned farms and plays an important role in sustaining their families and communities. Read More

  • Development for Emerging Countries

    Development for Emerging Countries

    Seaweeds are more than an important cash crop on five continents. They are an essential component of sustainable development along tropical seashores. Read More

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  • redcross-logoYou can help.

    Following the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, millions remain without basic necessities.

    Donations to help those in need can be made to here.