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20 Aug

Why the Post Is Wrong About Carrageenan

On August 17, the Washington Post published the article “Food additives on the rise as FDA scrutiny wanes,” which featured a section on carrageenan. Unfortunately, the article’s author, Kimberly Kindy, overlooked a number of important Ms. Kindy gets it right that carrageenan is a popular food additive because it helps meet consumer demands for high

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22 Jul

TODAY Show Weighs in on Carrageenan Benefits

Hear from the TODAY Show’s Health and Diet Editor about the important functions of carrageenan in food. “Antifreeze in your salad dressing? 7 ingredients that sound toxic but are safe” By Madelyn Fernstrom TODAY health and diet editor June 17, 2014 When you read the ingredient label of many packaged foods, you’ll often see lots

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