TODAY Show Weighs in on Carrageenan Benefits

Hear from the TODAY Show’s Health and Diet Editor about the important functions of carrageenan in food.

“Antifreeze in your salad dressing? 7 ingredients that sound toxic but are safe”
By Madelyn Fernstrom TODAY health and diet editor
June 17, 2014

When you read the ingredient label of many packaged foods, you’ll often see lots of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Do they pose any danger to your health?

While some of these ingredients are found in non-food items (like shampoos and cosmetics), the comparison ends there. Despite scare-mongering headlines like “yoga mat material in your sandwich!” ingredients in ANY food are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration for both purity and amount included. Only purified food-grade quality ingredients are approved for use in edibles, and the amounts are tiny, when compared to non-food products. It’s the biological properties of the ingredient “like thickening, emulsifying, or absorbing moisture” that are similar.

So, the short answer is no, the following seven ingredients won’t harm you in the trace amounts found in foods.

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