06 Sep

Food Navigator Covers Pivotal Research on Carrageenan Safety

On August 25, the Food Navigator USA published a story, “New Research Tackles Carrageenan Safety Concerns,” which describes the recent in vitro research on carrageenan conducted by Dr. James McKim.  A copy of the article is available here. As noted in the article, Dr. McKim’s work represents repeated attempts to replicate research conducted by Dr. Joanne

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18 Jul

FoodDive Article Debunks Carrageenan Criticism

On July 14, the food news website FoodDive published an article, “Fear Mongering Continues with Carrageenan,” which was authored and placed by Food Science Matters. The article provides a strong defense of carrageenan while refuting the claims of the Cornucopia Institute and Dr. Joanne Tobacman ahead of the NOSB upcoming decision on relisting carrageenan in

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23 May

Public Health Defenders Side with Science and Support Carrageenan

The United States supports one of the safest food supplies in the World. I would state “the safest”, but it’s hard to prove. What is easy to prove is the rigor of regulatory review in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) that ensures foods and food ingredients are safe as consumed, are not adulterated, and are correctly labeled.

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20 May

USDA Lets the Science Speak to Dictate Regulatory Direction

It is easy for public health officials to err on the side of caution. Look no further than the European Union to find examples of application for the “Precautionary Principle”. With all due respect to our European friends and colleagues, the Precautionary Principle translates into poor policy – regulation driven by consumer perception and fears with science hidden in the closet.

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14 May

Let’s Be Clear On Carrageenan

Take a deep dive into the scientific papers and articles on carrageenan and you’ll find the key issues that add clarity to the discussion – but it takes a deeper dive and an open mind to get to the heart of the issues.

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10 May

Seaweed Farming: Bringing Sustainability to Coastal Environments and Communities

Coastal communities in developing countries face numerous challenges. Rising populations continue to put more pressure on coastal ecosystems, leading to decreased fish stocks, habitat destruction and pollution. Lack of access to quality education makes it difficult for the children of these communities to pursue more lucrative, non-traditional jobs in growing sectors of the economy.

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