Yearly Archives: 2015

04 Dec

Carrageenan can boost rice yield by 65% according to Government scientists

The following article was published on on November 13 regarding the beneficial role carrageenan can play for Filipino rice farming Seaweed additive can boost rice yield by 65% – gov’t scientists According to the article, research funded by the Filipino Government has shown that carrageenan can increase the productivity of rice cultivation. Carrageenan, a

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30 Jun

Food Safety News: JECFA Confirms Carrageenan Safe

Food Safety News, latest media outlet to tout findings of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) that carrageenan is not of concern. FAO/WHO Committee: Carrageenan Not of Concern in Infant Formula By Food Safety News June 30, 2015 According to a June 30, 2015 article by Food Safety News, the Joint FAO/WHO

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12 May

Cargill introduces new range of sustainably sourced carrageenans

Cargill introduces new range of sustainably sourced carrageenan May 12, 2015 Cargill News A Marinalg member company recently announced introduction of a new range of carrageenan derived from farmed seaweed, an alternate seaweed source, to reduce sourcing risks and provide a more sustainable carrageenan supply by expanding sources. The new carrageenan variety will be marketed

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