Interested in Home Brewing? Learn more about Carrageenan’s role in the brewing process

Craft Beer and Brewing article explains how carrageenan helps home brewers produce clearer beer.

Clear Beer, Part 1
Craft Beer and Brewing
May 31, 2015

According to a recent article by Craft Beer and Brewing, carrageenan is an important fining agent used to reduce the haze of proteins and prevent the grouping of tannins in beer, particularly for home brewers. The article explains the two types of finings used in beer production, including kettle finings and fermenter finings which are used to clarify the finished product. According to the article, finings are largely made from Chondrus crispus, or Irish moss, red seaweed that contains a great deal of carrageenan. The article goes on to describe how carrageenan functions in the beer as an important clarifying agent and explains how and why home brewers may want to add carrageenan to their recipe.

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