Cargill introduces new range of sustainably sourced carrageenans

Cargill introduces new range of sustainably sourced carrageenan
May 12, 2015
Cargill News

A Marinalg member company recently announced introduction of a new range of carrageenan derived from farmed seaweed, an alternate seaweed source, to reduce sourcing risks and provide a more sustainable carrageenan supply by expanding sources.

The new carrageenan variety will be marketed as a sustainable carrageenan blend providing sensorial properties and consistent quality. The announcement presents carrageenan as an essential ingredient necessary to stabilize an array of dairy and non-dairy neutral-flavored drinks to avoid sedimentation of insoluble particles and product separation, and notes that beverage manufacturers find value in the benefits of carrageenan’s ability to offer improved suspension in protein drinks, along with stability and excellent mouthfeel.